Creative hands of Loreto Junior School joined together to present their Art and Craft Exhibition.  Each class displayed their items in their respected classrooms.

 Hard work and creative skills was quite evident.  Each class made an effort to display excellent work and was guided by their teacher made beautiful craft items out  of paper plates, glasses and cups.  Items made from waste materials were also displayed.  Dry leaves painted gold, flowers made from green coconut top and napkin holders or greeting cards made from Old CD disc were simply fantastic and portrayed creative ideas and skills.  Neatly made embroidery work also attracted attention.  Many wanted  to take home a piggy bank or a bunny note pat or a kulu!

 Classes IV and V also displayed a Project based on their theme.  The students of class IV represented their state in their traditional costumes.  Both the students of Classes IV and V explained their respective topics were given quite well.  Sheer excitement was visible on their faces !

 The children as well as the teachers worked tirelessly to present this exhibition.  The parents being happy with their children’s  work we realised how very successful we were in our endeavour.



 The students of Class XII were taken for an educational trip to Sunderban as a part of our ISC Environmental Science curriculum, from the 10th to the 12th of May, 2013.

 Forty three students (including four Non-EVS girls) under the supervision of three teachers undertook this trip.  The supervising teachers included the subject teacher, Mrs. A. Ganguly assisted by Mrs. K. Chatterjee and MS. S. Handa. 

 The students were required to collect data for their EVS project titled “Implications of Technology Triggered Anthropological Activities on Ecology and Environment of the South Sunderbans.

 We had prepared our questionnaires for the purpose of our survey.  On the first day we went to the first village and after our survey we headed towards our hotel.  Two researchers were arranged for us by our EVS teacher.  They gave us a lot of information about Sunderbans and Man – Wild life conflict existing here.

 The next day, we left early for the Museum then we went to two watch towers and finally to the second village for our survey.  It was a comparative study of two villages.

 Although it was an educational trip but it was also our last class trip.  We had a lot of fun doing our survey as we interacted with the villagers.  We got to know about the problems they face every day.  On the 12th May, 2013 we left for Kolkata.

 It was a very memorable trip and a great experience!



 Flowers symbolise feelings of our life.  The Junior Section of Loreto Elliot Road had joined their creative hands together on 3rd July, 2013 for Ikebana (a flower show).

 Students from Classes III to V participated in it.  Children were divided into their respective houses. They arranged the flowers in accordance with their themes.  The students also prepared a caption and a short speech on the arrangement.  The Students delivered their speech confidently in front of the Principal and teachers.  The teachers invited as judges were Mrs. N. Barua and Mrs. R. D. OSta.

 The activity acted as a mode of relaxation from the monotonous regular studies and gave vent to creativity.



 Excursions are always welcome because they provide a refreshing break from one’s daily routine.  However, if the excursion is with friends, the fun and frolic increases ten folds.  When the school authority announced that the students of class ten would be taken for an excursion to Tajpur, we had good reason to celebrate.

 It was a great experience.  We were at Tajpur from 6th – 8th of July, 2013.  During this time, we had many activities including coastal trekking and campfire in the evenings with the blue sky atop the blue water and the yellow sandy beach, dotted with read crabs.  The beach had a serene atmosphere with the wind whooshing past our ears now and then and the waves lapping over our feet as we stood in the water.

 We also had coastal trekking during the second day of our visit to Tajpur and that was a particularly memorable experience.  While trekking, we collected shells, saw salt deposits as well as spotted a jelly fish.  After trekking in the evening, we had lip-smacking delicacies like puchkas and jalebis on the beach which made this experience all the more memorable.  Apart from this, we saw a Casuarin forest and a number of big red and small white crabs.

 This excursion with our friends will perhaps be one of our most unforgettable memories.  And many years from now, one day as we do down memory lane, we shall remember this excursion.  And that day, we shall have nothing to do except smile, while we look back and remember the good old days.



 Van Mahotsav is an annual tree – planting festival in India, celebrated in the first week of July.  This year, on the 15th of July, 2013, Classes III to V had organised a beautiful Programme.  The children were buzzing with excitement as they had prepared themselves for the forth coming event.  The hall was decorated keeping the events in mind.  The programme began with the lighting of the lamp, which was placed on the traditional alpana.  Mementos were distributed to everyone.  The programme began with a meaningful prayer service which had readings from The Bible, The Gita and The Quran.  This was followed by  a dance recital.  Next, there was a skit based on the importance of trees in our lives.  After this,  a Hindi song was sung while the Principal, Sr. A. Nirmala, coordinators and the teachers came forward to plant saplings.  While this was on,  the children were ready with their handmade, colourful and attractive rackis.  They accompanied the Principal , coordinators and teachers to tie rakhis around the trees.

 The programme ended on a happy note with a very encouraging address by the Principal.  It was a very fulfilling day indeed !



 Sr. Nirmala had organised yoga classes for the Staff of both the Junior & Senior School.  Classes were held every Wednesday in July from 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.  The sessions were conducted by Mrs. Anindita Banerjee and Mrs. Sonali Mukherjee.   A number of Asanas, breathing exercises and basic stretches were taught.  We, as teachers, looked forward to every Wednesday as this learning was fun and it helped us to bond and interact. The teachers  who attended the classes benefitted greatly from it.

 ICSE & ISC AWARD CEREMONY  - 2013 (From the student’s perspective)

 The Award Ceremony to felicitate the ISC and the ICSE toppers was held on the 6th of August, 2013.  I was excited at the prospect of coming back to school.  As I entered, I was flooded with memories of my school dys when I had walked past those gates clad in my uniform.  I had taken it for granted then that walking in and out of these gates was a regular thing for me and that I would continue to do so, but today as I walked in, I felt different ........................... I am a part of my school, yet I am not. 

 I met a few other friends of mine, both from the ISC and ICSE batch and we were made to sit at the rear of the hall.  The programme commenced with a beautiful hymn, prayer service and a prayer dance.  Being a Loretoite, I was  acquainted with this process of getting into a focussed mode.  As I watched the entire programme, I realised that a lot of effort had been put into it- just to make us feel special.

 When finally the award ceremony started and I was called forth to receive the Lipika Mitra Award, I felt immensely proud and honoured and before I could get back to my seat, my name was called out again and again to receive more and more trophies.  I was overjoyed but at the same time I reminded myself to remain grounded.

 What I liked the most was that the trophies and certificates I received for various subjects were given to me by my very own subject teachers.  As the crowd cheered for me, I could feel that this was not only a happy occasion for me but it was a jubilant moment for my father, who was among the proud parents invited to this auspicious ceremony.

 I am the person that I am due to my parents, Sr. Nirmala (Principal), teachers and school.

                                                                                                    -          Sana Hasan

ISC Batch 2013


On February 2013, all the students of Junior School (Classes Nursery – V) were taken on a school picnic to Belilious Park.

 On 12th April 2013, all the classes of Class V went on an excursion to St. John’s Cathedral, Town Hall and GPO.

 On 4th May, all the students of Class IV went on an educational Tour to BITM.  The students were thrilled to be a part of the Children Zone.








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